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Search the NSW Public Register for Electrical Certificate Approvals by using one or more of the search options below.

'Like' searches may be conducted in any of the text fields below. A 'Like' search involves replacing one or more letters of the entry with the % character. The % acts as a 'wildcard' character allowing the user to search for entries where the user is not sure of the spelling or wishes to return additional results. The % character may be used anywhere in the entry and may be used more than once. Examples of uses of the wildcard search are: "%son", which would return the results, "Wilson", "Jamieson" and "son". Entering the value "%more%" would return values such as "more", "sophomore" and "more or less". The wildcard character may also used in the string, such as "Go%er", which would return "Gogetter", and "Gopher".

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